Window Film Pricing

denver window film pricingOne of our goals at Denver Window Film is provide our clients with an experience that not only meets but exceeds their expectations. Part of the way that we do this is by offering fair and affordable window film pricing. As Denver’s most trusted general contractor, we feel that this is an important part of our services. When you partner with us you can expect to receive an honest rate and above satisfactory results.

A Guide to Window Film Pricing

The following information is meant to serve as a brief guide that explains the factors that go into calculating the cost of window film. Our goal is to provide some useful insight so that you’ll have a better understanding of what to expect for the expense of your project.

Identifying Project Goals

Before we calculate the cost of your project, the first thing that we do is try to identify your goals. This helps us identify the type of film that we will need to use for the install and is also a factor that affects the overall cost. Below are some of the questions you may hear from your window film consultant:

Glare: Do you have areas of your home or office where too much glare makes viewing laptops, TV screens, or other electronic devices difficult or uncomfortable?
Fading: Does your building contain valuable furniture, flooring, or artwork that needs protection from the sun to prevent fading?
Safety: Do you have any specific concerns or needs regarding the safety of occupants or security of your building?
Indoor comfort: Does the temperature of your building sometimes reach an uncomfortable level especially during the summer or winter?
Energy cost: Are you looking for a way to improve the energy efficiency of your building and lower heating and cooling costs?
Aesthetics: Do you want to alter the appearance of your building or keep it exactly as is?

How Overall Cost Is Determined

The cost of film alone is only but one factor that affects the total expense of the project. In fact, there are a variety of factors that contribute to the cost of installation. These include but are not limited to the following variables.

Cost of manufacture: The methods and materials that are used to manufacture the film greatly affect its cost. However, it’s important to take quality into consideration. Low quality films are cheaper to produce, but are less effective. Often times these films are nothing more than thin sheets of polyester treated with colored dye. Higher quality films are manufactured with dye, metals, ceramics, and other materials and usually perform better.

Project size and complexity: The size and intensity of the project also affects the cost. Projects that are difficult or time consuming to complete will be more expensive. Larger projects also tend to cost more, but may sometimes be able to be discounted.

Quality of service and warranty: The quality of the installation can also affect the pricing. Less experienced companies may not charge as much, but they may also not do as good of a job. An experienced company has both knowledge and skill and also a reputation to protect so even though they may be more expensive, the end results might be worth the extra investment.

General Cost Estimate

The general cost of our film typically ranges from $4-24/sq ft. The exact price will vary based on the type of film used and scope of the project. Below is a general outline of pricing for each style of film.*

Spectrally selective: Spectrally selective films typically range from $9-18/sq foot. These films are used for glare, heat, and uv reduction.
Low-E: Low-E films usually start at $20/sq ft. The benefit of installing low-E film is year round climate control and energy efficiency.
Safety & security: Safety and security films range from $8-16/sq ft and security attachment systems cost an additional $2-5/LFT. Safety & security films help deter intrusion, mitigate damage caused by glass, and protect occupants.
Bullet resistant: Bullet resistant film averages around $125/sq ft. It’s typically used for high security buildings for defense against gunfire, explosions, and other high impact forces.
Decorative or frosted: Decorative films range from $6-12/sq ft. These films are used for branding, privacy, and altering building aesthetics.

*Please note that actual cost may vary per project.

The “Real” Cost of Window Film

Recently Martin Faith, the owner of Denver Window Film, had an interesting encounter with a client about window film pricing. Find out about his experience by reading the excerpt below.

I got a call from an existing client asking us to come out and install some more of our “Free window film” I was confused but he insisted that we did the west side of the house and he got it for free and he sounded really happy. After an awkward silence on my end he eventually he said. “When Mike came to my home in 2012 I asked him how much I could save on my energy bills. He told me most people pay the film back in 3-5 years. So I got out my old bills for the previous 12 months and wrote down how much I spent each month. Then for the past 3 years or so I’ve been keeping track of how much I save each month and as of last month I have now saved the same amount as I paid you guys for the film. So there you have it. The next time someone asks me how much does window film cost all I have to say is “It’s Free!”

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