Hospital Window Film

Happy Patients, Happy Doctors

Medical professionals have some of the most important (and difficult) jobs in the world. Keeping caretakers and their patients happy is crucial in a well functioning hospital, or in any medical practitioners space. A simple window film installation from Denver Window Film can help protect a hospital’s most vital resources, its people, and keep them happy.

Safety, Inside and Out

Keeping patients, doctors, nurses, and hospital equipment safe is of upmost importance, so don’t take any chances! From a stray stone, to a severe weather event, to an ill intentioned assailant, window breakage can come from anywhere. Our Prestige Series Safety and Security window film prevents windows from fracturing on impact, bringing some well deserved peace of mind to employees and patients alike.

Bright, Hopeful Spaces

Natural sunlight has so many positive benefits for all humans, but unfortunately, many hospitals are forced to close the blinds in patient rooms and lobbies to prevent overheating and glare. Our daylight redirecting film is the perfect solution to gloomy, shade-covered windows and unnecessary heat. 3M’s breakthrough new film redirects sunlight coming through windows back towards the ceiling, which naturally illuminates rooms with beautiful natural light without any of the unwanted side effects.

Patient Privacy

Protecting the privacy of individual patients is crucial in hospitals, as any doctor or nurse is well aware. Create some personal space and comfort for your patients (and employees) with frosted privacy film from Denver Window Film. Frosted film is an inexpensive upgrade for dividers and hallway windows that will help patients get the privacy they need.

Smart Insulation

Keeping patients comfortable is important no matter what time of year it is. With Thinsulate Climate Control Window Films, you can insulate patient quarters, lobbies and more all year long. Rain or shine, sun or snow, your medical facility will enjoy improved temperature control and energy savings.

Stop UV in its Tracks

Medical professionals above all understand the dangers of UV radiation exposure. Protect your patients, staff, and equipment from harmful UVA rays that are not deterred by ordinary windows with Sun Control Window Film from Denver Window Film.