Office Window Film

Window Film for Any Office Space

Every office space, large or small, can benefit from a small investment in a window film installation from Denver Window Film. From a small home office, to a fishbowl conference room, to a massive office area ringed by floor to ceiling windows, our products can improve your unique space in a variety of ways.

Increase Productivity

Daylight Redirecting film is the newest in Window Film technology developed by 3M. This window film was developed specifically with offices in mind, and works by redirecting light coming through the windows back up towards the ceiling as it passes through office windows. This incredible new product has been shown to increase employee productivity, reduce glare, and improve energy efficiency.

Stay Balanced

Anyone who works in a Denver office space knows that staying warm when it’s freezing outside and cool when its scorching is no small task, especially in Colorado where the weather is always unpredictable. Thinsulate Climate Control Window Films keep office buildings well insulated year round, saving 10% or more on yearly energy expenditures and keeping your employees happy, no matter the weather outside.

Protect Business Assets

Office buildings are filled with valuable business assets, including computers, paperwork, and most importantly employees. Office buildings in prime downtown Denver locations, especially ones on street level, are sometimes the unfortunate targets of break-ins. Check out the video and see for yourself how our 3M Scotchgard window film can defend your office from any eventualities.

Privacy & Sophistication

Decorative window film is not only a unique way to bring some brand cohesion to the interior or exterior of your office space, it can also bring some much needed privacy to large fishbowl conference rooms and private offices. Decorative window film is also useful in home offices, bringing some much needed privacy as well as adding an upscale vibe to your personal business space.

Prevent UV Damage

Offices large and small utilize a large amount of energy powering their air conditioning units to beat the heat during our scorching Colorado summers. Our Sun Control Window Film is a cost effective solution that can help office spaces save substantial amounts of money on their energy bill year round. Additionally, our Sun Control Film offers UV protection, which prevents beautiful hardwood floors and furniture from fading and eliminates potential UV radiation damage to computers and other valuables.