Automotive Window Film

Film for the Road

Denver Window Film is proud to introduce our newest product offering: Automotive Window Films & Autobody Film. Our 3M automotive films are specially engineered to provide many of the same benefits offered by our residential and commercial window films, but designed with your vehicle in mind. Just like it’s architectural counterparts, automotive films are custom cut and installed by Denver Window Film installation experts.

Look Hot, Stay Cool

Protect your vehicle’s passengers and interior from UV radiation and heat with tinted and clear window films. Our window tinting products help reduce glare, for both daytime and night driving, and conform to Colorado standards for visible light transmission. Choose from a variety of tints or choose a clear film, to get the perfect look for your vehicle’s windows. Plus, our auto window films help reduce your vehicle’s energy usage by creating an additional layer of insulation on car windows, keeping your car warm in the winter, cool in the summer, and energy efficient all year round. 


Get Connected

Traditional automotive window tinting products are “metalized”, meaning that they use a minute layer of metal fibers to create the dark tint of their window film products. The downside to these sleek-looking metalized films is that the metal disrupts wireless signals from the interior of the vehicle. In the modern age of technology, loosing connectivity on your smart phone or GPS is simply not an option. Our 3M window film products are built with the modern vehicle owner in mind, and are specially engineered without the use of metals to achieve the desired tint. Our films deliver superior window tint coverage, without sacrificing connectivity. 

Defending your Vehicle, Inside and Out

A car is a big investment so why not give it the protection it deserves from inside, out? To help drivers protect their vehicle, we offer Scotchgard paint protection film for vehicle bodies, and 3M automotive security film for windows. 

3M and Scotchgard paint protection films are applied to a vehicle’s body, rather than the windows, and work similarly to our Anti-Graffiti window films for homes and businesses. These films are virtually undetectable, and can be applied to many places on your vehicle’s exterior to provide protection from scratches, chipping, and minor dents. Paint protection film keeps your car looking brand new for longer, and can help you preserve the resale value of your car. 

Our automotive security films are a unique 3M innovation, and help to defend your vehicle’s windows from impact damage caused by attempted break-ins or flying debris. This film works similarly to it’s flat glass counterpart, and holds the pieces of a pane of glass together after it has been impacted. Protect your vehicle and your precious cargo with a reliable security window film upgrade for your vehicle from Denver Window Film.