Clear Automotive Film

Keep it real

Tinted window films for vehicles are awesome. They look cool, defend your loved ones and valuables from UV damage, and significantly reduce glare. If you’re looking for all of these benefits but do not wish to alter the appearance of your vehicle, you’ve come to the right place! Our 3M “Crystalline” automotive window films are completely clear, so you can have all of the great benefits of automotive window film, without the tint.

Like SPF 1000 for your Car

Window films are designed to, above all, combat the nasty side effects of exposure to UV radiation. All of our 3M window films, whether for automobiles or flat glass, are designed to defect 99% of incoming UV radiation. Our clear automotive films provide the superior UV protection of 3M window film, and is recommended by the Skin Cancer Foundation of America to help protect yourself and loved ones from exposure to this harmful radiation. Plus, by blocking incoming UV radiation, you’ll also help to prevent you automobile’s interior finishes from fading over time, and prevent damage to electronics. 

Unbeatable Visibility

Though we live in the sunniest state, the winter months in Colorado can be dark, gloomy, and very snowy. Colorado drivers know that, when driving at night or during those long winter months, visibility is of paramount importance. Though tinted window films can be sleek and classy, automotive films with a very dark tint can cause visibility issues at night, or in a nasty Colorado snow storm. 

Clear automotive window films were designed with today’s conscientious driver in mind. In Colorado, the state law for automotive winodow films requires that no more that 27% of the visible light can be reduced by window film, which is one of the strictest requirements in the nation. Clear films only reduce the visible light transmitted through your windows into your car by about 7% or less.  Our Crystalline window films for vehicles reduce glare from natural and artificial light, day and night, and provide all of the UV protection offered by it’s tinted counterpart… all without reducing incoming light. Plus, clear films will not alter the appearance of your vehicle, so you can keep your car looking like it did the day you bought it!

Stay Connected, No Matter What

When window tints for vehicles were first developed, they achieved the tinted look by utilizing a thin layer of metallic fibers throughout the film. While this did achieve the desired level of tint in these earlier window film products, these films interrupt signals from modern devices, and have been known to turn purple over time. Our 3M automotive window films have been engineered without the need for metals, allowing all wireless devices to maintain connectivity while in the vehicle. Our crystalline films (as well as most of our tinted films) come with the 3M color-lock guarantee – a promise to each and every one of our customers that your automotive window film installation will stay beautiful and looking like new for the life of your vehicle. No more silly purple splotches, and no more lost wireless signals. Welcome to the future of window film. 

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