Tinted Automotive Film

Made in the Shade

If you’ve walked or driven around in downtown Denver, you’ll no doubt have seen a vehicle or two with sleek looking, dark-tinted windows. Window tint for vehicles not only looks sophisticated, it also has numerous benefits for car owners. If you’ve ever wondered about what vehicle window tinting is all about, you’ve certainly come to the right place! Denver Window Film provides custom auto window tint installation on vehicles of all shapes and sizes.

First line of UV Defense

UV Radiation, as you may already know, is a naturally occurring component of sunlight (aka, the thing that makes all life as we know it possible). Unfortunately, prolonged exposure to UV radiation can be harmful to humans and man-made objects. UV radiation is the leading cause of skin cancer and other skin-related ailments in the nation. According to the Skin Cancer Foundation, 1 in 5 americans will develop some form of skin cancer due to excessive exposure to UV radiation in their lifetime. That’s why the Skin Cancer Foundation recommends installing window tinting (or a clear alternative) in all vehicles. You can check out their article on the benefits of automotive window tinting for skin disease prevention here. Our 3M window tinting products block 99% or more of incoming UV radiation, protecting you and your loved ones from harmful exposure. Reducing UV exposure will also prevent the interior surfaces of your car from fading due to over exposure. This means no more damage to your dash board and seat covers, and no possibility of damage to electronic devices inside the car. UV defense is just one of the many reasons that our customers choose window tinting for their vehicles.

Smart Phone? Get Smart Film.

Though we strongly discourage texting and driving, it can be extremely important to maintain the connectivity of your wireless device while on the go. Whether you’re streaming music, talking on your bluetooth, or utilizing your navigation system, its important not to loose your wireless signal for any reason. And while we can’t speak for your wireless provider, we can guarantee that with our non-metalized window tinting options, your signal won’t be interrupted by your window tint.

Some automotive window tinting products out there, particularly ones which create a reflective chrome finish, are metalized, meaning they are built with microscopic metallic fibers. Though they do create a beautiful finished look, these films can interrupt wireless transmissions within cars. For today’s driver, this is an extremely important consideration when choosing a window film product. Denver Window Film carries a substantial amount of non-metalized window tints, which achieve their darker, tinted look through the use of dyes rather than metal fibers. So if you’re looking for a window tint that won’t disrupt your GPS navigation or your favorite playlist, look no further than the experts at Denver Window Film!

So Classy

Lets face it, tinted car windows look awesome. Tinting your vehicle’s windows can take your car from factory standard to VIP party worthy in no time. Darker windows on your vehicle create a beautiful uniform appearance and provide some serious privacy for drivers and passengers. Though this added privacy prevents pedestrian stares, it also helps to deter vehicle break ins. Preventing potential thieves from viewing the interior of your car is the first line of defense when it comes to stoping damage and theft.

But window tinting doesn’t just look cool on the outside, it also keeps your car’s interior shaded and cool all day long. A cooler car means running your air conditioning less, which can help seriously increase the efficiency of your vehicle’s engine. Window tint also greatly reduces glare, day and night. Glare reduction is important year round, especially in a sunny state like Colorado, where freshly fallen snow can be almost as blinding as hot summer sun! We especially recommend window film for drivers with sensitive eyes or astigmatism, as it can help reduce the blinding, starburst effect of streetlights and oncoming traffic.

At Denver Window Film, we offer a broad range of window tinting products for your vehicle, to make sure that you are getting the exact look that you want for your vehicle. From dark, sophisticated tints, to reflective chrome finishes, to lighter tints which still provide comprehensive protection, Denver Window film has options to fit your unique style.

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