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Denver Window Film is a proud regional distributor of 3M Window Film Products. All of our window films are top of the line quality and are always installed by professionals. We cary all of the varieties of window film that 3M has to offer that are designed to suit a variety of needs. Whether you are looking to add comfort, beauty, or security to your space, we have the solution thats right for you. We invite you to explore the range of products that we cary, as well as the variety of suggested applications we have provided for our customers.

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Climate Control Film

Keep warm in the winter, cool in the summer, and save money year round with Thinsulate window film. Thinsualte film is the perfect solution to keeping your residential or commercial space temperature controlled in this unpredictable Colorado climate.
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Sun Control Window Film

Defend your valuables and prevent skin disease with window film that stops UV Rays in their tracks. Plus save money on your monthly energy bill. Choose from window tint and basic window film to get the desired light filtration and protection for your space.
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Decorative Window Film

Add some privacy and sophistication to your home or business interior or exterior. We offer standard frosted films and custom designs so no matter your space or budget, you’ll find the right film for you.
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Security Window Film

Keep what you love most safe with window film that will prevent windows from shattering on impact. With a comprehensive 3M Window Film and Attachment setup, even damage from a bomb blast or an earthquake will be minimized. Now that’s some serious peace of mind.
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Daylight Redirecting Window Film

The latest innovation in window film technology from 3M, redirecting incoming light to reduce glare and energy bills. Unlike window tinting, this film keeps your space bright and sunny, which keeps attitudes of customers, patients, and employees bright and sunny too!
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