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Can Window Film Help Improve Energy Efficiency for Historic Buildings in Denver Without Requiring Window Replacement_

Can Window Film Help Improve Energy Efficiency for Historic Buildings in Denver Without Requiring Window Replacement?

As Denver begins to feel the hot Colorado sun during our unbearable summer months, many historic building owners are finding themselves battling between high energy costs and maintaining an enjoyable temperature for their tenants and building guests. As many property owners start researching energy efficiency solutions, window replacement is usually the most prominent option. Unfortunately window replacement comes with high financial burden, time-consuming installations, and undesirable inconvenience and downtimes. Window film provides a cost-effective alternative that is a great ROI.

Benefits of Energy Saving Window Film for Your Denver Historic Building

Energy saving window film costs a fraction of the price of window replacement while offering the same effectiveness. This compelling option also offers quick installation times and limited downtime for your Denver historic building. Energy saving window film offers high annual energy savings that pay for itself in a short few years, making it an excellent ROI. In addition, all energy saving window films have UV blocking properties pertinent for Denver residents and valuables. Due to our altitude, we experience higher rates of UV radiation that lead to skin damage, considerable health conditions, in addition to severe fading and discoloration of interior valuables. Protect your building occupants and valuables while saving money with energy saving window film– your tenants and building guests will experience improved comfort and in-turn increase your tenant retention.

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Installation Process for Energy Saving Window Film in Denver Historic Buildings

With the largest selection of energy saving window films available to our Denver clients, we ensure you’ll find the right aesthetic to either maintain your historic buildings look or modernize it. We utilize leading primers, glass strengthening agents, and adhesives to ensure you get the most out of your investment.

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