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The Advanced Privacy Solution: Casper Cloaking Technology for Denver Offices

As the working population consistently elevates each year, collaborative workspaces have become more and more prominent in the Denver area. As many businesses now share workspaces to maximize savings, it’s pertinent to find the right privacy solution for your collaborative workspace or office building. Outdated partitions, curtains, and traditional privacy tinting may make your space feel unwelcoming or outdated. For those who require a more advanced privacy solution, Casper cloaking film is available.

About Casper Cloaking Technology

Created and engineered by Designtex, Casper cloaking film works to promote peace-of-mind by completely concealing LED screens from unwanted views. Once this architectural film is installed, everyone walking past will only see a black, or turned off screen, while everyone inside will still see the information presented on the screen. With proper concealment, employees can focus on collaboration and work rather than ensuring no sensitive information is compromised or seen in your Denver office.

Casper Cloaking Window Film Technology from Denver Window Film on Vimeo.

Casper Cloaking Technology Advantages for Your Denver Office

With versatile, numerous advantages, casper cloaking film can highly benefit your Denver office:

  • Eliminates dysfunctional privacy solutions
  • Offers privacy in plain sight
  • Available in 16 different design options for beautiful aesthetics
  • Conceals all LED screens behind installed film
  • Optimizes productivity and employee focus

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