If you are a resident of Aurora Colorado or the surrounding areas, Denver Window Film is just next door. We work with our Aurora neighbors regularly, providing window film installation for residents and businesses with a wide variety of needs. Check out our suggestions below to see how window film and window tinting can benefit residents of the Aurora area

Security Window Systems

With numerous schools and federal military facilities, all Aurora buildings can benefit greatly by adding a security window film system from Denver Window Film. Our most comprehensive security window film systems offer two-fold protection: window film itself bonds glass together in the case of an impact, while attachment systems bond the window to the frame, ensuring maximum protection in any situation. We recommend this film for schools and federal buildings in particular, as these types of facilities regularly harbor some of the communities most precious people and valuable resources.

Daylight Redirecting Film

The newest technology from 3M is recommended for Aurora schools, government buildings, and hospitals. The revolutionary window film directs incoming sunlight and projects it back up onto the ceiling, filling rooms with natural light without creating the glare, heat and stress of direct sunlight. This new window film has been proven to help increase student and employee happiness and productivity. Curious? Click here to learn more about how this amazing new film can benefit your Aurora commercial space.

Sun Control Window Tint

Colorado is such a sunny state, which makes for sunny attitudes and even sunnier homes. Natural light is a wonderful commodity, but can unfortunately lead to fading of floors and furniture due to UV radiation. Protect your Aurora home and loved ones with Sun Control Window Film from Denver Window Film. Our Window Film comes in Tinted and Clear varieties, to help your home or business achieve the desired look and feel, while also reducing energy expenditures and deterring harmful UV rays. Office buildings, hospitals, homes and many more sorts of commercial buildings in Aurora can benefit from Sun Control Window Film.

Decorative Window Film

If you’ve ever seen a conference room, or an image like the one on the left and thought that you might like to class up your space with a similar yet unique decorative flair, look no further than Denver Window Film. Your Aurora office, hotel or restaurant can turn some serious heads by choosing a custom branded or designed window installation for your interior glass walls or exterior windows. If your Aurora, Colorado business could use a beautiful upgrade at the fraction of the cost of etched glass, give us a call!