Boulder is home to some of Colorado’s most colorful characters, incredible views, and exciting cultural gatherings. Perhaps you own a business on pearl street, or a home in one of Boulder’s historic neighborhoods. Or maybe you are a University of Colorado graduate and looking to buy your first home or open your own restaurant. No matter the case, a window film installation from Denver Window Film could be just what your home or business needs to be green and save some green.

Sun Control Window Tint

Boulder is known for it’s progressive attitude regarding energy efficiency and living sustainably. With electric car charging stations on pearl street and even at Alfalfas, as well as probably in your neighbors garage, its easy to see how Boulder is leading the nation in energy usage consciousness. For Boulder residences and businesses of all kinds, we recommend our Sun Control Window Film Products. This inexpensive upgrade can dramatically reduce expenditures by keeping your home cool in the summer and preventing harmful UV radiation from penetrating windows year round.

Daylight Redirecting Film

So you’ve heard of Sun Control Window Film, but what about Daylight Redirecting Window Film? For the coolest office spaces in Boulder city and Boulder county, we present the newest window film break through technology from 3M: Daylight Redirecting Film. This incredible new technology fills spaces with natural light without the drawbacks of harsh glare, excess heat, and energy expenditures inherent in unaltered sunlight coming from regular windows. By illuminating your office space, hospital rooms (or alternative wellness space), school, or government building with natural light provided by daylight redirecting film, you can rely less on florescent lighting. Our daylight redirecting film has been proven to help improve employee, student and patient happiness and confidence, and can encourage more productivity and higher test scores. With natural light, everyone wins!

Decorative Window Film

If you own a specialty home, community work space, or shop on pearl street, you know that privacy and visibility are incredibly important. For beautiful Boulder homes, we recommend our Fasara series decorative window films, which come in a multitude of styles that can add some serious privacy and sophistication to your home’s interior or exterior. For businesses who want to stand out from the crowd, we recommend a custom window film decoration installation, designed just for your unique business from Denver Window Film. Looking for some inspiration? Visit our decorative window film inspiration gallery.

Security Window Systems

We all know Boulder is one of the safest cities in the united states. Though crime may be minimal in the Boulder bubble, one can never be too careful when it comes to minimizing collateral damage in the event of window breakage. Window damage can come from anywhere, be it a stray soccer ball, a wind storm or even a break in. Keep your loved ones and valuables safe from any situation with a security window film system from Denver Window Film. Our window film security systems work in two ways, providing ultimate protection which we recommend for government facilities such as courthouses, airports, retail spaces, schools and homes. To learn more about our comprehensive window film and attachment systems from 3M, check out our security window film benefits page.