Denver Colorado is our home, and we proudly serve businesses and residents alike in the Denver-metro area and beyond. We provide a great, comprehensive range of window film products and installation services to all of our Colorado customers. If you own a business, work in a public space such as a government facility, airport, or school, or even if you just call downtown Denver your home, call the professionals at Denver Window Film when you are ready for a window film upgrade.

Decorative Window Film

Want to make your downtown business stand out to passers by? Do you perhaps own a hotel in need of an inexpensive upgrade to make your rooms and lobby sparkle? Or do you have a Denver office building with offices and conference rooms in serious need of privacy? Look no further than decorative window film solutions from Denver Window Film. With standard etched, frosted, colored, and mirrored glass films from our 3M Fasara series, as well as custom design services, we have the tools you need to help your business stand out.

Sun Control Window Tint

If you are a home or business owner in Denver, chances are you are conscious of your monthly energy expenditures. With a simple window film or window tint upgrade from Denver Window Film, you can save money on your monthly energy expenditures, as well as protect your valuables and loved ones from overexposure to harmful UV rays that can penetrate regular windows. We cary a vast array of 3M window film products with a variety of exterior and interior finishes, so you can find the window tint that has just the look you desire for your space. Check out all of the incredible window film products we provide, and all the benefits that sun control window film can provide you.

Security Window Systems

Living in a big city is exciting, but nothing is without its drawbacks. Security is a major concern for Denver residents, whether for a retail space, restaurant, school, or home in the city or anywhere in the county. Protect what matters most to you with a comprehensive window film security system from Denever window film. Our window film security systems work in a two fold team. Security window film acts to bond the window together in case of an impact, while the attachment system works to bond the window to the frame in which it resides. We would also recommend this film for airports and government facilities, where large amounts of people and important resources can become the targets of bomb threats.

Daylight Redirecting Film

Cubicle office work can be tedious at best, and in a big office space in a city skyscraper with tons of glare and florescent lights, employees tend to feel negative on occasion. The newest window film technology from 3M, Daylight Redirecting Window Film, is designed to help combat these problems and has been shown to increase employee productivity and happiness, as well as help students preform better on tests and patients feel happier in hospitals. The film works by directing incoming light that would normally head straight to the floor, on to the ceiling, naturally illuminating spaces and eliminating glare and unwanted heat. Want to learn more? Check out our Daylight Redirecting Window Film benefits page.