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Beautiful hotel transformations window film Denver

Beautiful Transformations are Possible for Denver Hotels with Huper Optik Window Film

Why Hotel Window Resurfacing In Denver Is A Great Idea

Here at a mile-high with the lovely Rocky Mountains right in our backyard, Denver, hotels, get a lot of business just from the myriads of tourists visit our bustling city each year.  However, the competition for hotels is very steep, so, as a hotel owner or manager here in Denver, you absolutely must keep your establishment up to date and comfortable. How the outside of your hotel looks matters a lot to potential guests. Which is why exterior window resurfacing is a fabulous way to not only get your windows looking beautiful but attract clients too. Huper Optik Window Film, in particular, stands out as the exterior window resurfacing film of choice for those Denver hotels looking for beautiful exterior aesthetics. Huper Optik doesn’t just offer hotels the benefits of a new, modern look either, but will also make your Denver hotel more functional and save you money too.

The Benefits Of Exterior Window Resurfacing With Huper Optik Window Film

A New Modern Look With Huper Optik Window Film On Denver Hotels

In a hospitality scene, like Denver’s that is very competitive, your hotel needs to look amazing to compete.  Nothing kills the appearance of a building more than old or outdated window finishes and tints. This is why Huper Optik window film is such an amazing choice!  It is a stunning, sleek but never loud or overstated. This outstanding appearance makes Huper Optik it the perfect choice of window film for resurfacing your Denver hotel’s windows.

Increased Energy Efficiency With Huper Optik Window Film On Denver Hotels

Hotels spend a ton of money each year on utilities because there is always an incredibly high demand placed on their HVAC systems by guests.  When you resurface the windows of your Denver hotel, they don’t just look nice–they function better too. This is because Huper Optik window film offers all the benefits that come along with window film– energy efficiency notwithstanding.  With tens of thousands of dollars spent on utilities each year by many hotels along The Front Range–even small savings after window resurfacing adds up to vast sums of money.

Reduced Sun Glare With Huper Optik Window Film On Denver Hotels

Guest comfort is critical to any hotel’s success here in Denver.  And, when it comes to staying competitive in the Denver hospitality scene, making sure that bright, mile high sun doesn’t irritate guests, is must. Annoyances like glare could easily cause them to be unhappy.  When you resurface the windows on your Denver hotel with Huper Optik window films, potential glare will be drastically reduced, if not eliminated. This means a better guest experience and likely better reviews/ratings–which are integral to hospitality business success.

At Denver Window Film we are the area’s experts on exterior window resurfacing on hotel windows using Huper Optik, having done hotels both big and small. Contact us today to learn more about Huper Optik and exterior window resurfacing pricing for your Denver hotel.


Mike Kinsey

Mike Kinsey is the Operations Manager for Denver Window Film. Over the past decade, he has overseen the completion of hundreds of window tinting projects in the Denver metro area, totaling over 250,000 sq. ft. of film. Mike holds an extensive background in construction and project management. His breadth of knowledge combined with his fifteen years of experience in the tinting industry make him a subject matter expert. As a local installer, Mike is aware of the climate and conditions that affect buildings in Colorado, giving him the ability to recommend the types of window film that will benefit his customers the most. He possesses an in-depth understanding of the various tinting technologies on the market and is certified by 3M, EnerLogic, and AIA for continuing education.