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Graffiti Shield: Fast-Acting Vandalism Repair & Deterrent for Denver Buildings

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Vandalism happens quickly, leaving property owners with almost no time at all to react. Before you can even assess the damage or figure out who the culprit is, the criminal is long gone. Don’t vandalism ruin the beautiful appearance of your property ever again! Graffiti Shield Window Films provide Denver property owners with a powerful solution for deterring vandals and making repairs on a budget. Same-day installation gives you the ability to cover up graffiti fast and protect the positive reputation you spent countless years earning. Kiss your vandalism problem good-bye for good!


The Benefits of Anti-Graffiti Window Film

When it comes to vandalism, you can’t afford to sit around for weeks and wait for the repair company to show up. Graffiti looks like a big, bold invitation to other vandals that says “You won’t get caught here!” Instead, install anti-graffiti window film for your Denver property or school to get the fast solution you need to fix marks, scratches, and spray paint art, without spending huge sums of money.

Rapid Repair: It can take hours or even days for a graffiti removal company to fix damage, and half of the time, the process is unsuccessful. Graffiti Shield Window Film can be installed in a matter of hours, and get your property back up and running in no time at all.

Affordable: When you’re running a small business or school, you don’t have a lot of extra room in your budget for anything that’s not a dire repair. But at the same time, do you really want to risk having your reputation ruined forever? Graffiti Shiled anti-graffiti films overlay damaged surfaces, quickly and affordably resolving even the most serious damage.

Preventative: In addition to repairs, Graffiti Shield Window Films can also be used for prevention. If you’ve recently purchased a new appliance or piece of equipment, or constructed a new building, you can install Graffiti Shield to prevent property damage.

Graffiti Shield Products for Denver Schools, Transit & Businesses

Vandals can be brutal, and go to extreme measures such as acid etching and spray paint to make their mark. When graffiti strikes, you need defense you can count on to protect your property. Graffiti Shield Window Films overlay vulnerable surfaces and create a thick, impenetrable area that prevents permanent property damage. These films are available in several different styles, making it easy for you to match your property with the right look.

Metal Shield

Metal Shield Window Films are available in both stainless steel and aluminum finishes. These window films are the perfect graffiti protectant for elevators, escalators, window frames, metal benches, signs, display cases, bathroom stalls, water fountains, and much, much more.

Glass Shield

Glass storefronts and windows are often the target of deep scratching and etching. Keep your glass looking clear and beautiful with Glass Shield for your Denver retail store, restaurant, hotel, or office.

Mirror Shield

Whose the fairest of them all? Your building is, of course. Keep your property in pristine condition and prevent mirror scratching, corrosion, and vandalism with Mirror Shield surface films.

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