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Gain Peace of Mind as a Retail Store Owner With Security Window Film

Being a retail store owner here in Denver is tough.  You have a lot to worry about each and every day–and probably most nights.

You need to:

  • Keep up with inventory
  • Work on merchandise displays
  • Pay bills
  • Market your store
  • Maintain your store
  • Find new vendors

And more…

Oh yeah!  And you need to make sure your store and everyone and thing inside of it stays safe.  With so much to do, peace of mind that your store is protected from everyday life is hard to get.  But, as it were, one simple addition that will make it easier for you to sleep at night with the confidence that your store, employees, and merchandise are safer.  This addition is–security window film.

3 Real Dangers That Security Window Film Protects Stores From

  1. Protection From Break-ins with Security Film: Smash and grab crimes are something retailers dread.  They keep them from getting a good night’s rest and could drive you out of business if they occur. You can save yourself many restless nights by having security films installed.  With this film, the glass will not break away from the film even after several acute blows. While the glass may break, it will stay adhered to film for up to two minutes. When thieves encounter security film they tend to move on to easier targets rather than risk getting caught.
  2. Protection From UV Rays with Security Film: Invisible and dangerous–UV radiation ruins retail merchandise.  Everything from clothes to furniture will be deteriorated by UV rays. While primarily applied to make windows shatter-resistant–security window film also blocks 99.9% of harmful UV rays. This means fewer replacements of merchandise and furnishings and healthier employees.
  3. Protection From Litigation with Security Film: One thing that most business owners worry about constantly is getting sued.  When you run a brick and mortar store –they fear even bigger. The second some steps into your store, it is your job to make sure they are safe.  Having security window film on all the glass in your Denver location shows that you are a responsible commercial business owner who did their due diligence should you get sued. Meaning security film very well could prevent a successful lawsuit for negligence.

To schedule a free, onsite security and safety assessment for your Denver retail shop, contact us at Denver Window Film to book a time.