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Understanding the Importance of Ballistic Resistant Window Film for Denver Stadiums and Concert Venues

Keeping your facility safe is your top priority. If something happens to a staff member or visitor while they’re on your property, you could be held liable. Not to mention, your reputation is on the line. But when you’re managing a large event that brings crowds of hundreds of people, safety and security issues can be challenging to address. If an accident happens or a criminal sneaks into your building with a gun, the result could be catastrophic. By installing ballistic resistant window film for your Denver stadium or concert venue, you can keep patrons and staff safe and protect your company’s reputation.

Why Stadiums & Concert Venues Are High Risk

Concerts and stadiums are loud, messy, and exciting. With so much excitement going on, it’s easy for people to get carried away and start acting a little more reckless than usual. If someone slips and falls on a staircase, near a drinking fountain, or in a restroom, they could easily put their foot through a window and become injured. Severe hailstorms, which are not in common in Denver, could also put patrons attending an indoors event at risk if hail breaks through a window or skylight.

In addition to having a high risk potential for accidents, concert venues and stadiums are also at risk of being targeted by terrorsts. Because military bases, embassies, airports, and government offices are now so well-protected these days, terrorists are beginning to target more vulnerable places. This includes shopping centers, venues, schools, nightclubs, and churches. Unforunate as it is, stadiums and arenas are prime target for terrorists because they’re an easy place to break into and target a mass amount of people.

How Ballistic Resistant Window Film Can Help

By installing ballistic resistant window film, Denver stadiums and venues can protect employees and patrons from terrorist attacks, bombings, severe weather, and accidents. Ballistic resistant window film is installed on glass areas that are deemed high risk, such as skylights, entrances, and large glass surfaces, such as multiple windows. Once in place, it helps deflect the energy from impact and prevent glass from shattering. This gives patrons time to escape or flee to safety if gunshots are fired at a building or a hail storm hits. And it also helps prevent people from being injured by broken glass in the event of an accident.

Protect Your Stadium or Venue with Ballistic Resistant Window Film

Invest in the security that your facility needs today. Call Denver Window Film to get a quote on ballistic resistant window film for your Denver stadium or arena or schedule an appointment for a security consultation.