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Window Film for Blocking Radiation in Your Home or Office

With certain types of window film, blocking radiation (EMF or RF) is now possible. RF radiation is one specific part of the spectrum of electromagnetic radiation known as EMFs. We are bombarded with these frequencies every day, and no one quite knows their cumulative long-term effects.

However, there are those who claim a real sensitivity to these frequencies, suffering from insomnia, nausea, and hyperactivity as a result. This is a problem of our modern technologically focused society, where we are, according to the Global Healing Center, “practically bathing in EMF pollution.  . . .WiFi, personal electronics, smart meters, and especially cell phones have sent EMF exposure through the roof.”

When it comes to window film, radiation blocking is only one of the many benefits these products offer the consumer, both residential and commercial.

When it comes to window film blocking radiation, tests are conclusive. There are films on the market that will block RF frequencies from coming through the windows of your home or office environment. We are proud to offer Vista film for this purpose. And it doesn’t just block RF radiation. This energy efficiency window film also helps lower energy costs so consumers can save money on both heating and cooling bills. It works by blocking significant amounts of heat gain in the hot months and blocking heat loss in the cold months. This same film also contains a 99 percent UV block. This refers to yet another type of radiation, ultraviolet radiation from the sun. The same radiation responsible for skin aging and interior furnishings fading.

The 3M Sun Control window film, which we recommend for blocking radiation is a multi-purpose product that is installed once, and then goes to work. It’s an investment that can pay for itself via energy savings and who knows what the real ROI might be in terms of the RF radiation.

We are increasingly dependent on technology and all its benefits. But perhaps we don’t have to put up with the negatives. Although the long term effects of EMF and RF radiation is still being studied around the world, concerned consumers can do something about the problem right now. If you are one of the people who had ill effects from this radiation, we urge you to talk to us.

Whether you are concerned about the effects of radio frequency radiation on the human body, or you would just like to find out more, we’re here to help.

For more information about window film blocking radiation, please give us a call. We can recommend the best product for your needs, offer you a quote, and arrange for professional installation in your home or place of business.