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With residential window film, Denver homeowners can save money on heating and cooling bills, make their homes more secure, add privacy, and even style and interest to a room. We wish we could tell you those benefits could all be attained from one window film product, but that is not the case.

In fact, we carry an entire line of different residential window films and many of them are designed to serve specific purposes, different from each other. The main type of residential window film Denver clients are asking us about these days is the energy saving kind.

You’ve probably heard of low-E glass, right? That refers to regular clear glass that has been treated in such a way as to make the windows more thermally efficient. If you have plain old glass in your home, you can get the same effect with energy efficiency window film, for a fraction of the cost of replacement windows. With this type of residential window film, Denver homeowners are ecstatic to discover they are saving up to fifty percent on heating and cooling bills over a year’s time. This allows your investment in the window film to pay for itself in two or three years, and you’ll keep on saving long after that


Most of our energy efficiency residential window films, Denver customers are excited to hear, also cut a substantial amount of glare. This allows them to kick back and watch their TV or work on their computers and other electronic devices without needing to draw the curtains. This same window film product also blocks 99 percent of the sun’s damaging UV rays. That means your interiors will look lovely years longer without fading.

With other types of residential window film, Denver citizens have other benefits. Let’s talk security. Is your home alarmed? If it is, you know that might not be enough of a deterrent to keep some thief or home invasion thug from tying to enter your home by smashing your windows. Thwart them the affordable way with security window film. This product contains a heavy duty polyester mesh that is nearly imperceptible when installed, but will keep the glass in the frame no matter what is flung at it. No bat or boot will allow a thief entry through your windows once they have been fortified with security window film. And you’ll no longer have the danger of all that broken glass all over the floor.

Some other types of residential window film Denver clients are asking about include privacy window film and decorative window film. For more information on any of these high-performance products, we hope you will give us a call today.