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5 Myths About Window Film Debunked

Are you interested in purchasing window film for your home, but uncertain due to the numerous myths concerning this product? This blog post is here to help guide you by debunking five of the most widely believed misconceptions about window film. Knowing that these are untrue can assist you in making a smart and informed decision on whether or not it’s best for your Denver abode!

Myth 1 Window film is only for energy savings

Window film does more than just conserve energy. It enhances the comfort of your Denver home and protects those in it from UVA harm, as well as furniture and other belongings. Additionally, window film provides a layer of security to your residence by effectively transforming regular glass into tempered glass. Therefore, while its primary purpose is to save you money on energy costs, it also works wonders for improving homes in multiple ways!

Myth 2 Window film takes a long time to be professionally installed

If you are apprehensive about the duration of a professional window film installation, have no fear! Professional installations normally only take one day and involve simple measuring and installing. Therefore, you will be able to see the results quickly without any hassle.

Naturally, you need to allot a brief window of time for adhesive drying post-installation; nonetheless, this process should not interfere with your regular routine. Plus, the majority of residential window films come with a lifetime warranty – guaranteeing that you’ll never have to worry about installation again after it is secured on your windows!

Myth 3 Window film will make your windows look darker

Window films have come a long way; you’ll be intrigued to discover that contemporary window films don’t darken the windows. As a result of advanced views and modern window technologies, many homeowners find improved clarity, and brightness – all with added privacy benefits from certain tinted windows! Furthermore, most window films are nearly imperceptible nowadays so whatever your purpose is for installing them – whether it’s for comfort, energy savings or glare reduction-window film can offer significant advantages without being visually noticeable.

Myth 4 Window film does not have a very big ROI

Window film can be a great investment, as it offers an impressive return-on-investment within three years. It’s capable of conserving up to 30% energy by regulating temperature levels and reducing strain on worn out HVAC systems. This means less money needs to be spent on repairs or replacements in the long run!

Investing in window film has the most potential for return on investment, as it keeps heated and cooled air inside your space. An added bonus is that you’ll benefit from more comfortable living or working spaces with improved insulation. The ROI of window films cannot be understated; however, make sure to consult a qualified expert when selecting the optimal product for your Denver home’s unique requirements.

Myth 5 Window Film is expensive

Window film is a cost-effective alternative to replacing windows, as it’s more affordable and requires less maintenance. With countless varieties of window films available today, you’ll have no difficulty finding one that fits into your budget. If you’re searching for an efficient way to improve the energy efficiency of your space without exceeding your financial means, then investing in window film instead of new windows could be an ideal option for you.

Hot to Get a Free Window Film Consultation

Amidst the myriad of myths and misconceptions surrounding window film, it’s vital to recognize that these ideas are simply inaccurate; in fact, when appropriately set up, window films can be incredibly advantageous for looks as well energy-efficiency. If you want an expert opinion on this topic, consider our Denver company! We offer free consultations with one of our professionals and same-day installation services so why wait? Contact us today and schedule your consultation!

Mike Kinsey

Mike Kinsey is the Operations Manager for Denver Window Film. Over the past decade, he has overseen the completion of hundreds of window tinting projects in the Denver metro area, totaling over 250,000 sq. ft. of film. Mike holds an extensive background in construction and project management. His breadth of knowledge combined with his fifteen years of experience in the tinting industry make him a subject matter expert. As a local installer, Mike is aware of the climate and conditions that affect buildings in Colorado, giving him the ability to recommend the types of window film that will benefit his customers the most. He possesses an in-depth understanding of the various tinting technologies on the market and is certified by 3M, EnerLogic, and AIA for continuing education.