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Create a space as dynamic as you are. XPEL window films provide an innovative solution for transforming commercial and residential spaces of all types, providing increased functionality and aesthetic appeal. From advanced security and solar control options to ingenious antimicrobial and surface protectant films, XPEL offers a range of options to meet your needs.


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XPEL Window Film Products for Denver Homes and Businesses

Denver Window Film is proud to carry the entire XPEL product line, making it quick and easy to find the perfect option for your space.


XPEL VISION™ Solar Window Films

VISION solar window films are the ideal way to protect your Denver home or business from the sun. Keep your space comfortable all year long while limiting your energy usage.

  • Control temperatures and optimize comfort
  • Defend against UV radiation
  • Available in metallic, neutral, clear, and exterior styles


XPEL VISION™ Decorative Window Film

VISION Decorative Window Films produce stunning transformations, instantly enhancing functionality and aesthetics. These stylish window films are perfect for home and business use alike.

  • Available in frosted, whiteout, and blackout styles
  • Provide style, privacy, and UV protection
  • Perfect for glass walls, room dividers, and more


XPEL VISION™ Safety & Security Film

Protect your property from potentially hazardous or threatening situations. VISION Safety & Security window films provide advanced protection for vulnerable glass surfaces.

  • Available in 8, 12, and 15 mil thicknesses
  • Mitigate damage from broken glass
  • Protect against forced entry and other threats


XPEL RX™ Antimicrobial Film

Keep your space healthy and sanitary. XPEL RX Antimicrobial Films inhibit microbe growth and are perfect for using on touch screens, display cases, and more.

  • Perfect for displays, controls, handrails, and more
  • Improve screen clarity and protect against impact
  • Treated with a fungistatic agent and zinc pyrithione to prevent fungus and microbe growth


XPEL Surface Protection Film

Prevent damage and keep surfaces in pristine condition. XPEL Surface Protection Films help prevent scratching and signs of wear, keeping surfaces looking like new over the years.

  • Ideal for desks, counters, and shared spaces
  • Available in gloss and satin finishes
  • Can be cut to size and applied to a variety of surfaces


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